With our experienced team we provide a variety of services available to our customers.  We work with almost every different kind of computer.  Besides providing the best in-house computer service, we also extend our services out of our location and bring it to your home, home office, or your business.  We do everything from a basic computer setup, to server and network services.  Below is a brief outline of just some of our services…

We will fully evaluate your computer and make sure what the cause of the problem is.  We explain to you the process, then talk you through our approach and a solution.

Virus Removal:
You can rest assured that with our experience, we use a virus removal process,  that will not delete your data, programs, or information.  Most of the time we can remove the virus and verify that all of your programs and your system is running virus free.

Performance is essential in a computer.  Over time computers do updates, store data, and start accumulating junk files.  We do a vigorous overall system check and look into the areas which are affecting system performance and optimize your computer to run like it was brand new (and sometimes even better!).

Data Recovery:
Information is always the most important piece in a customers computer.  We use several approaches to try and recover lost or deleted information.  This process can even be done if the computer no longer turns on.

System Restore/Repair:
Sometimes the computer is just behaving too erratically to be repaired.  Often times in the case of a bad virus, the system has too much corruption to be repaired.  In that case we can restore the system to its original configuration.  We can also repair the system and maintain your system files, programs, and settings the way that they were before

Part Replacements:
The most common is Laptop Screens.  But it covers almost any device or component that needs to be replaced;  Hard drives, memory, power supplies, dvd/cd burners, keyboards, keyboard keys, towers, cables, and anything of that sort.

Other Services:
We offer a variety of services.  The ones listed are our most common asked about, but we also do password removal, hard drive upgrades, memory upgrades, system upgrades, software upgrades, networking services, and even graphic design!


Whatever service you may need, simply give us a call, or fill out the information on our contact page and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.